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Health and Wealth: Ways to Achieve Your Goals

Julian Thio

I figured getting physically fit and financially fit are pretty similar. So I figured it may be worth sharing about the journey towards physical and financial well-being.
Active VS Passive Investing: What's Best For Me?

Julian Thio

We think it makes sense to have actively-managed funds to generate consistent, long-term market returns for our investors.
Introducing Simpan

Nicholas Hilman

We’re building Indonesia’s first modern investment manager and we’re so excited to unveil it very soon. But before all of that, allow me to share about our journey and conviction to build something that hasn’t really been done before (in Indonesia, at least!) in the asset management space.
Prospero UI Kit

A clean, modular (and free) UI kit for ecommerce. Get the pieces you need to build and launch a polished store in Webflow

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